Gongali Electricity

I just returned after three weeks in the Karatu District organizing the construction of the new High School project at Gongali and visiting the new Qameyu Village site for the first time. But first an update on the Gongali School Electrical supply project. The electrician, Sebastian Hilonga, completed the wiring of the classrooms and teacher residences, and I just received shockingly good news from Project Manager Mathew Sulle that Tanesco, the power company, has finally started their work to install the transformer and power poles. So excitement is building among the teacher families living there…

Sep 15 Alan.jpg

our Gongali Primary School transformer

…speaking of which, I decided that a Sunday picnic for the teacher families would be a timely event at Gongali Primary. For one thing, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the arrival of a 4th teacher family to the little community. Emmanuel Pariso, his wife Sophia and baby Gloria are delighted with their new home and friends.

Sep 15 Alan 1.jpg