Also, teacher Boniface is now married and has just returned from a honeymoon. A small man with a huge grin, he proudly introduced his tall shy bride Irene. Headmaster Mark Mollel and wife Sarah attended the wedding in Arusha, a well–deserved holiday for them.

picnic day at Gongali

Sep 25 Alan 1.jpg

Mathew and I and his two visiting daughters, Lissa and Maureen, showed up with food, drink and volleyballs and we spent the hot sunny afternoon munching on pizza and chasing errant volleyballs to the delight of parents and children alike.

This Gongali School community is growing. With the advent of Director Mark Burrowes electricity project, Mayor Peter Hayshi is planning the relocation of his office here. On one of my visits with him, we walked the site and he pointed out the location of a new church to be built there soon. And to my surprise, he proclaimed a 2-acre plot next to it as a gift to PSFA to build an office/accommodation building. Hey, we’ll seriously consider it; a great opportunity for drop in visitors to support our cause as well as saving on accommodation expenses during our work here.

Edith Gvora High School

We are so fortunate to have solved the biggest problem of any project – the selection of a good builder. Restus (Rusti) Ernest is a former teacher but his passion was building. His resume is a great benefit to our work. His English is great, he’s computer savvy, and to top it off, he’s smart and excellent with construction.

The project is fast-tracked for completion before Christmas this year. Construction didn’t start until I arrived, as I needed to assure the proper siting of the buildings. I came with freshly drawn plans for the minimum four buildings required for registration of the school name. As usual the costing came in high, but through discussions with Restus, some redesigning (with hand drawing, as I didn’t dare bring a computer this time around as mine was stolen from my room during my last visit in April/May) and some additional generosity from our donor Tony Gvora, we finally arrived at a construction cost.

Sep 25 Alan 2.jpg

they mix the concrete on the ground

Sep 25 Alan 3.jpg

digging trenches for the footings