A little anxious about their ability, I met with all parties at the site to ensure they do their part and fortunately it seems they are very motivated. Mayor Peter Hayshi had some village funds, so he decided to have the community get into the spirit by building a teacher residence to start with. Walls are up and roof framing is about to start. DED Moses Mabula, a tall charismatic politician, as a show of commitment, strongly directed his accompanying staff to remediate the existing erosion gully between our buildings. Great! This will get done, but I’m still a little worried that the water and septic will be delayed as funds are not yet available.

the Gongali Model Co celebrating
the new high school construction
The good news about water though, is that the Korean connections of Askwar Hilonga and his Gongali Model Co. have funded the drilling of a borehole about a kilometer downhill from the school site. It will take a lot more funds, however, to get the water up to a new water tank. Our Director Mark Burrowes, a local Victoria mechanical engineer, has agreed to design the pump system for it.

A worrisome issue arose on my last day in Karatu. Prime Minister Kikwete and his Ministry of Education has just decreed that all high schools must build laboratories to increase the breadth of science learning. For us, it now means we need to have a laboratory building constructed before we can register the school, which will jeopardize the donors naming of the school. The village or ourselves do not have the additional $50,000 – $100,000 CDN extra that it would cost. We will see how this develops over the next few months. Mayor Peter Hayshi was understandably angry and so was I, to now have the rules change at this late stage, but he assures me that he will resolve it somehow.

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