Mathew and I went on safari, not to see animals, but to scope out the new primary school to be built that is funded by donor Ted Woodcock to memorialize his late wife Patricia Elizabeth. Our destination was the tiny village of Qameyu located west of Babati Town, a 3 hour drive from Karatu to Babati and then a bone-rattling 2 hour drive from Babati to the village on extremely rough and dusty roads.

Oct 10 Alan - children sitting.jpg

Qameyu kids

We were greeted at the village office by the senior VIP and Project Manager, Ward Councillor  Paulo Margwe, the District Education Co-ordinator Mary Modaha and several other local political staff, who then led us to the site which to my delight, was large and FLAT, (a plus for building). I was surprised because it seemed to be the only level site in this hilly community. Unlike most village schools, there is lots of room for a good sports field for soccer. We walked around the perimeter of this wonderful nine acre property, with me sketching and pacing the distances, to eventually agree on the location of the buildings. We’ll do the seven classrooms, they’ll do the outhouse-style toilets. If future funds allow, they would like a kitchen/dining hall and teacher residences.

Oct 10 Alan - fog screen.jpg

fog screen at Qameyu site (captures early morning dew water
 - 10 litres per day) - an NGO projec

Oct 10 Alan - Official welcome.jpg

Oct 10 Alan - potato gift.jpg