Construction Update - 12 November 2014
– First Phase; 4 Classrooms, Administration Building, Toilet Building

PATRICIA ELIZABETH PRIMARY SCHOOL, Qameyu Village; 4 Classrooms, Administration Building

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Director Peter Daniels visited both sites from 21 – 28 October to inspect the halfway point of construction of both projects and provided the following information.

Our two current construction projects are well under way and the construction quality is excellent thanks to the skills of our builder, Mr Restus (Rusti) Ernest, a former teacher who decided his passion and abilities were more suited to construction. That is fortunate for us as we are now benefitting from his construction expertise as well as his knowledge of school needs.

Edith Gvora High School: Gongali Village

All buildings including the two 2-classroom buildings and the toilet building are approximately 70% complete, with wall plastering, ceiling construction and roofing underway. The administration building has offices for headmaster, vice head, and bursar, a staff room and storage and electrical rooms. The administration building will be the first point of access for the high school complex, when the new road access is completed.

Admin Building on left; 2 2-classroom buildings in centre,
toilet building on right

Nov 13 Alan 1.jpg

Administration building

Nov 13 Alan 2.jpg

The locals are also excited to be involved in the project; even good-spirited Mayor Peter Hayshi has spent many hours working on the concrete pours. The first teacher residence building, a village initiation project, is in the final stages. And local laborers are currently working on clearing the land for the new road.