The fundraiser was successful. Lebeau Petersen trio was fantastic. We had fun. And managed to raise over $3,000 through silent auctions, gate sales and raffles. A big thank you to Don Gordon for his idea and hard work to make it happen.

A new school project!!...TIDIVI PRIMARY SCHOOL is going to start construction on Jan 7 2016.
We raised enough money from the Class of '70 ex-cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada to begin the first phase of construction starting 7 January 2016 - a Two Classroom building for about 60 children in the Huduma Ward of the village of Kilimamoja, 19 km east of the town of Karatu, Northern Tanzania. 

The village managed to donate construction for the first two classrooms only, and hopefully enough funds will continue to be raised from the ex-cadets to build the remaining buildings as they are needed in the next few years.

Another project is starting...

SIMBA MILIMA PRIMARY SCHOOL is being funded by the generous donation of THE SAFARI PARTNERS, an Africa tour company in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

It will be located in Dofa Village, about 10 km west of Karatu town in northern Tanzania, where 40 - 50 children will begin classes at the first level, Standard One.

Simba Milima is Swahili for Cougar, a prominent Canadian animal that, as Safari Partners' Chris Ronneseth says, "shows a connection between Canada and Tanzania and is also relatable for children".

We have enough funds for Phase 1 - a Two Classroom Building and an Administration Building. Construction will start on 7 January 2016.

Project Manager Mathew at Site with Dofa Village officials

Time For Opening Celebrations...we have completed our current project, a Three Classroom Building in the Ayatsere Ward of Kilimamoja Village.

The school now has its full 7 classrooms.

Opening celebrations will take place on 10 January 2016. Photos and descriptions to follow after Alan's visit there from 6 to 22 January.